IrriSET Tree and hedge irrigation system

Tree and hedge irrigation system



Shrub sub-irrigation and ventilation:

puce Coconut fibre, a natural voluminous filtre
puce Coconut fibre, improves drain capacity
puce Fibre increases resistance to shocks
puce Enhances hydraulic performance



Used for plants:

puce  Brings water directly to the root zone: hydration
puce  Prevents water from evaporating or flowing away
puce  Thanks to the fibre, water is distributed evenly around the pipe
puce  Brings air to the soil
puce  For isolated trees as well as hedges and bushes


Cost effective:

Prevents water wastage
-Only very little water needed for the plant’s survival
-Efficient and simple process, no superfluous piping needed: one tree/one set

A well established technology:

Used for the past thirty years in Northern Europe. Coconut fibre is the most multipurpose envelope and is suitable for any soil type.


-Installation around the root area
-And on dry land
-Refilling with backfill material free from foreign objects


Brand name:  IrriSET
Application : in green spaces and for end users
Material : KW65-67 PVC / natural coconut fibre
Perforation area: > 20 cm2/m


Kit IrriSET
-1 loop of Ø50 drainage pipe wrapped in a coconut filter: loop diameter approx. 60 cm
-1 pipe connecting loop to surface of approx. 50 cm
-1 T Ø50
-1 end cap Ø50