A product for the infiltration of rain water or treated water. It has the PP fibre technology developed by ATE that does not require the use of gravel.

INFILTRATUBE is a 3-in-1 product that can be used in all ground types. With its SN4 resistance rating and rigidity, the slope angle is easy to adjust when installing.


Dimensionnement de l’INFILTRATUBE


We will assist you if you want to determine the dimensions of the INFILTRATUBE for your water infiltration system.



Infiltratube réduction

Infiltratube reducer sleeve Ø 100 – Ø 200

infiltration Infiltratube Bouchon

Infiltratube plug Ø 200

infiltration Infiltratube manchon

Infiltratube sleeve Ø 200



Designation Diameter (mm) Length of bar (Lm) Palletisation (Lm)
Infiltratube SN4 Ø 200 2,5 45
Box palletisation Infiltratube SN4 Ø 200 2,0 36

INFILTRATUBE SN4 without gravel

Solution for the infiltration on the plot without gravel for the installation

  • The infiltration capacity is much higher than for a traditional system
  • 3-in-1 product
  • Can be installed in all ground types

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