picto Drainage SOLS SPORTIFS

Drainage of sports grounds

ATE designed the FLATDRAIN range for the drainage of sports grounds, to meet all of the needs of these grounds, for various applications such as horse-riding, football pitches, golf courses, etc.

The role of good drainage FOR SPORTS GROUNDS

Damage, impracticality, postponed competitions… water management is vital for the longevity of a sports ground. Poorly drained ground remains humid at the surface or deeper down and will adversely affect the viability of the ground.

The FLATDRAIN range offers adequate solutions for your projects (draining capacity, speed of reaction, good mechanical resistance…) for all sports grounds.

The installation of flat drainage channels will allow the problems of water stagnating to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Installing drainage on sports grounds

With over 20 years’ experience in this field, ATE has developed adequate a range of flat HDPE drainage channels that are either coated or bare.

The Flat range has a large surface area in contact with the ground allowing it to collect and evacuate the water very quickly. Their shape allows them to be installed at the base of a structure without the need for a trench and does not require specific machinery. They also have high compression resistance.


The FLATDRAIN is very versatile, it can be installed:

It is only 4cm thick so it can be installed in places where other tubes won’t fit.

Its width means that it is a capture panel with a large surface area that, depending on how it is fitted, allows:

When laid flat, to have a high drain speed so as to lower the water level quickly.
When positioned vertically, it provides a screen to prevent water circulating and still has good drain speed.

Applications for the FLATDRAIN

Drainage when creating sports grounds :

The FLATDRAIN range may be used on all sorts of sports grounds, such as:

  1. Golf courses (Greens and fairways)
  2. Large sports pitches (Football, Rugby …)
  3. Equestrian surfaces (arenas or race tracks)
  4. Etc…

Drainage for renovated land :

The thin section of the flat drain means that it is very suitable and allows a drainage system to be installed with narrow trenches.

The ground surface to be re-turfed is very small.

Sub-irrigation : (Underground irrigation)

The flat drain permits sub-irrigation systems to be installed on sports grounds.

Due to its thin section and good resistance, the FLATDRAIN is ideal for such applications.

The water can be brought closer to the surface more easily (Humidification of the substrate), either to help the roots or to avoid excessive drying-out of stabilised soils.

Our technical department is at your service to advise you in the choice, design and installation of your drainage.