Infiltration and spreading

In the treatment of waste water and the infiltration of clean or rain water on the plot, ATE has developed a range of products designed specifically for spreading (ANC) waste water and the infiltration of rain or treated water.

Infiltration of rain and treated water

All homes must manage the rain water on their plot. It must not be mixed with waste water which is why a separate system is needed.

For the infiltration of clean water, ATE has developed a water infiltration solution suited to all ground types: INFILTRATUBE SN4. It is a 3-in-1 product, this tube allows you to re-infiltrate rain water without gravel. It is quick and easy to install, and offers a much higher infiltration capacity than a traditional system.

To determine what size you require, you need to identify the volume of water to be managed (expressed in litres) and the filtering capacity of your ground (expressed in K). A rain water collector may also be positioned upstream of the set-up.

Spreading of used water

If your house is not connected to the sewage network, you need non-collective sanitation (ANC). The traditional method consists of running the used water (water from the kitchen, the bathroom, toilets, etc.) through a sand filter after it has undergone primary settling in a septic tank. The non-collective sanitation public department of your municipality can guide you and help you find certified tradesmen.

To distribute the effluents, ATE has developed a specific product for spreading on the plot. The PVC BatiPand SN4 spreading tube is extremely resistant and diffuses the pre-treated effluents leaving the septic tank. It has a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 4 m, and can be installed in a trench or in a sand filter.

If you have a water management project, contact our teams. ATE will accompany you in your project and advise you to offer you a solution for the infiltration on the plot or for your spreading.