Solutions for draining wastewater and rainwater from buildings

Installing a good sewer and drainage system for wastewater and rainwater is essential to ensure a long-lasting, durable sewerage system. The NF standard imposed on internal pipes is not enough for pipes installed outdoors. The pipes to be buried must withstand the weight of the earth and the compression caused by passing vehicles if they are not to deform.

The role of an efficient wastewater system

Wastewater and rainwater generated by buildings or homes must be evacuated by approved, efficient, separate systems (two parallel networks). Each type of water is piped to the sewers (external collectors). When the sewerage system is collective, the collector collects the water and redistributes it to the collective network.

If the system is not connected to the public network, an autonomous system (generally a septic tank or all-water tank) will collect and pre-treat the water, before spreading it in the ground directly on the plot. In accordance with the recommendations of DTU64.1, land spreading allows the soil to be used as a purification system and as a dispersal medium.

ATE solutions for wastewater and rainwater drainage

These drainage pipes are buried underground and can require many metres of installation. Very different from internal pipes (NF Me standard), which are designed to expand in the event of a fire to slow its spread, external drainage pipes must withstand intense mechanical pressure and not deform, to withstand the weight of earth and vehicles.

In addition to a more traditional range, ATE Drainage offers SN4 and SN8 reinforced diameter 100 pipes, which are highly resistant to mechanical stress. ATE has also developed a diameter 100 joint connection system to ensure strong, durable installation.

The Sancol range of reinforced drainage pipes and their reinforced jointed connections allow them to adapt to ground movements while maintaining a perfect seal. Their optimised packaging also prevents deformation during transport. These features reduce the need for servicing and maintenance.