What is drainage?

In agriculture,construction or even sports grounds, drainage is an operation that consists of evacuating the excess water present in the ground following rainfall.

It is important to choose the right product for the application, the type of installation or the nature of the ground.

For example, the products used for agricultural applications cannot be used for building applications.

To achieve good drainage, a slope needs to be created to ensure that the water that gathers is evacuated. For this reason, it is preferable to fit the drains in rolls using mechanical equipment or in strips manually.

ATE’s DRAINAGE solutions

Which drain is needed to ensure good performance over time?

Firstly, the type of the application needs to be defined; the principles are as follows:

Another criterion is the nature of the ground. Indeed, for ground that has low permeability (e.g.: clay) we recommend adding gravel or installing drains with specific coatings to reduce the risk of them getting blocked and to ensure the drainage system continues to operate correctly over time.