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Drainage of foundations

Solutions for the drainage of foundations with or WITHOUT the use of gravel.

Drainage of foundations: an essential step

The drainage of the foundations of a construction is used to eliminate the excess water in the ground surrounding these foundations. By evacuating this surplus water and combined with the protection and sealing of the walls, the peripheral drainage protects the building (a house, a residential complex…) from the risks of infiltration, caused by humidity and water stagnating around the base of the building. By avoiding the disastrous consequences of water infiltrations such as damp and cracking, the drainage of the building conditions its longevity. It therefore plays a primordial role.

Installation of the drainage: two possibilities

How to install efficient drainage to ensure the longevity of the building? There are different techniques.

The traditional method (compliant with DTU 20.1) requires the use of a drain that meets the standard NF P 16-379, such as BATIDRAIN, the use of gravel and geotextile suited to the properties and nature of the ground (sandy, clay…). The gravel selected to fill the peripheral drainage trench must not contain fine gravel, which could block the drain and prevent the drainage from operating correctly. This technical process requires tested expertise.

To facilitate the installation of foundation drainage, ATE Drainage created BATIFIBRE, a very versatile drain that can be installed in the majority of ground types.

This innovative solution consists of creating a gravel-free foundation drainage, using BATIFIBRE, a technology under technical advice and QB certified by CSTB. The installation of the foundation drainage requires less operations (no pouring of gravel or fitting geotextile) and is much simpler and quicker.

Facilitating foundation drainage with innovative products

ATE Drainage is an independent industrial SME that designs and manufactures plastic product solutions for building work, public works, agriculture and water management.

R&D is at the very heart of our business, our company has developed two products specially designed for building drainage: