Drainage is an essential step in preventing the stagnation of water in the ground, which can lead to capillary action, as well as cracks caused by water pressure. The quality of the installation is also vital. Poor drainage often has costly and time-consuming consequences. ATE has developed an innovative, tried-and-tested drainage solution: the BATIFIBRE SN4 drain, designed for gravel-free drainage that is quick and easy to install.

Drainage: a crucial and decisive stage

The conventional peripheral drainage method that complies with DTU 20.1 consists of laying a specific bare drain that meets NF P 16-379 standard in the trenches. A geotextile adapted to the type of soil and determined by a professional is installed at the bottom of the trench and covered with gravel as filtering material.

This process requires technical know-how to determine the best materials to use, depending on the nature of the soil (clay, sand, silt) and the lay of the land (slope), so as not to clog the drain, thereby jeopardising the durability and quality of the structure.

As drainage is installed for the life of the building, it is essential to use the right products and install them in accordance with the rules of the trade, which is not always the case.

The advantages of BATIFIBRE SN4: gravel-free drainage

To facilitate drainage and ensure its quality, ATE has designed BATIFIBRE SN4, a gravel-free drainage system. Tried and tested over the last 10 years and recognised by professionals, BATIFIBRE involves no risk of error and is considered to be the most economical, effective and quickest solution to implement.

Recommended for clay soils, BATIFIBRE is a rigid, flat-bottomed Ø 90 drain with a strength of over 4 kN/m², coated with a voluminous fibre.

  • 3-in-1 system: gravel-free and more economical
  • Increased resistance: SN4 certified
  • Simple connection with sleeves
  • Gravel-free installation with technical approval (n°17.2/16-317_V4) and QB certification
  • Quick slope adjustment thanks to its flat base
  • BATIFIBRE is a simple, effective and economical solution for installers and consumers alike.

The BATIFIBRE, thanks to its sleeve, can be connected to standard PVC accessories with a female diameter of 100. The BATIFIBRE PVC adaptor sleeve can be used for changes of direction, inspection shafts or cleaning.