Flattex, flat drain coated with geotextile

  • Drainage of grassed and synthetic sports surfaces: golf courses, playing fields, bridle paths and racecourses.
  • High three-dimensional stability (low thickness).
  • Short drainage times.
  • Ideal for sub-irrigation.




Flattex, coated flat drainage pipe

FLATTEX is used to drain sports surfaces and can also solve problems in the following areas: degassing, motorway drainage, drainage of buildings or specific agricultural land (vineyards in particular).

ATE uses a specific coating with a large open area to meet the various constraints of the soil.

The flat drain coated with FLATTEX geotextile (very open coating limiting clogging) offers suitable solutions for your sports field drainage projects:

  • Golf courses – greens and fairways
  • Playing fields – football, rugby
  • Horse riding tracks – Riding arenas or racecourses

Draining sports surfaces: an essential step

While water is essential, its regulation on sports surfaces is crucial, whether they are grass, synthetic or sand. Too much water can affect the quality of the pitch and pose a danger to users. Subjected to the vagaries of the weather, sports surfaces such as playing fields (football or rugby), golf courses or even quarries, riding arenas and bridleways that accumulate water deteriorate, become unstable and therefore impassable. For athletes, a poorly drained sports field compromises their performance as well as representing a real danger. For owners, the financial implications of postponing or cancelling competitions are considerable.

Perfectly drained soil quickly evacuates excess water, protecting the ground from the risk of subsidence and the resulting damage. In drier periods, it is just as crucial to maintain a sufficient level of humidity to ensure that the ground can be played on at all times.

FlatTex: the ideal drain for sports floors

ATE has developed a drain with a flat geotextile and high mechanical strength (SN25) to meet all the drainage requirements of sports floors and ground surfaces. Designed for both drainage and sub-irrigation (underground irrigation), FLATTEX offers a high-performance drainage interface thanks to its flat surface, which allows significant soil contact.

Whether laid flat or vertically (on edge), FLATTEX is the ideal drain for sports floors. It offers :

  • Fast, efficient installation when creating a new pitch or without major installation work on existing surfaces
  • A high-performance width/height interface combining drainage capacity and reaction speed
  • High mechanical strength, enabling it to be buried at shallow depths
  • Drainage + 450 micron geotextile to prevent clogging
  • Finally, in addition to drainage, its structure allows sub-irrigation. This responds to a major challenge: saving water. Sub-irrigation can reduce the volume of water used by 30% compared
  • with traditional watering.

For optimum drainage of all sports surfaces and other soils with common specific needs, ATE offers a range of drainage accessories for quick and efficient installation of FLATTEX: sleeves, plugs, universal couplings and side outlets.




Designation FLATTEX (geotextile coating)
Width (mm) 170
Length 25 ml X


  • High resistance classification: SN25
  • High three-dimensional stability (low thickness)
  • Large perforation area: over 200 cm²/m
  • Reduced drainage time
  • Geotextile opening surface 450 microns
  • Recommended for small overlaps and narrow trenches
  • Installed directly on the subgrade
  • Reduced backfill height
  • Ideal for subirrigation




Its high strength and thinness mean it can be used for green roofs, and when combined with a water recuperator, it can rehydrate the support layer for the plants.

Drainage and subirrigation are two techniques that can be combined to improve the soil’s hydric properties.

Flattex and Flatdrain drains are initially used to drain sports surfaces (golf courses, playing fields, bridle paths, etc.). They can also be used for specific drainage applications. Please contact our technical services department to discuss your specific requirements.

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