CofiDrain was developed for agricultural land drainage.

This natural coconut fiber wrapping technology filters elements that could enter into the drain and evacuate them preventing from clogging. Its filtration size allows it to be layed without gravel or geotextile.

This fiber increases hydraulic conductivity, facilitates exchange between the drain and the ground and spreads water uniformly around the pipe. The water can evacuate much quicker.

CofiDrain technology provides 3 functions of the drain wrap:

  • Filter elements that could enter into the pipe
  • Spread water across the entire drain surface
  • Protect drain from shocks when handing

Even if it especially suits iron-rich soils (it stops algae growth), CofiDrain can be used for a wide range of drainage applications

CofiDrain coconut fiber stops the growth of algae that develop in red ochre rich soils.

The only limit to CofiDrain use is with very loamy soil.

Special precautions need to be used for drainage in ferrous soils, feel free to contact us!