When carrying out work on the highway network, it is important to use good quality, resistant materials. Highway drains play an important role and are essential to the viability of the motorways and highways. Choose an efficient drainage. Discover AutoDrain, a flat-channel drain in strips that is essential for highways.

Choose AutoDrain for your highway networks

AutoDrain is made in France in our production workshops and is ideal for the drainage of motorways and highways. This drain is a ringed tube with a flat based channel. It is available in 6 m strips in two diameters: 110 mm. This PVC drainage pipe is blue in colour and is compliant with the NF P16-351 standard and delivered with sleeves incorporated.

It truly provides a barrier barrier against excess water, and AutoDrain has adequate shock and crushing resistance properties It can be installed manually or with machinery using a traditional method which consists of using gravel and geotextile chosen according to the nature of the ground. This process requires excellent expertise. To avoid the drain being obstructed and the drainage process being interrupted, the gravel must be chosen very carefully (and preferably washed).

ATE Drainage also manufactures and proposes AutoFibre. This flat channel ringed drainage pipe is coated with polypropylene fibre and does not require gravel. This technology has the advantage of adapting to the majority of fine and/or loamy soils. Furthermore, this simplifies the installation as it is much quicker.

For excellent filtration capacity, choose the ATE Drainage innovative products.

ATE: an expert in highway drain solutions

ATE Drainage is a company based in Mayenne that designs and manufactures plastic product solutions. Specialised in drainage, evacuation, infiltration and water management, our products are used in agriculture, sports grounds, green spaces and public works. We make every effort on our two production sites to design good quality products that satisfy the needs of our trade customers.

Do you need technical support for your future projects? Our team are on hand to advise you in your choice of highway drainage pipes. Discover our highway drainage solutions suited to your project and carry out your projects in good conditions.