Agricultural work

This is part of ATE’s heritage, discover our complete and perfectly adapted range. One out of three solutions for drainage projects requiring gravel was developed by ATE.

Fiberdrain land drain PP fiber without gravel

PP Fiber agricultural drain without gravel

Agricultural drain coated with polypropylene fibre (PP 450), fine/loamy soil.

COFIDRAIN Land DRAINAGE coated with COCO fiber without gravel

Coconut fiber agricultural drain without gravel

Agricultural drain wrapped with coconut fiber, suitable for high clay soil content or rich in red ochre.

ATE drain agricole Texdrain enrobé géotextile

Geotextile agricultural drain

Agricultural drain wrapped with geotextile, soil with a high sand content

Drain agricole nu Agritube

Bare agricultural drain

Bare agricultural drain, installed with gravel.

drainage agricole accessoires

Agricultural drainage accessories

Dedicated accessories for agricultural drainage.