Batifibre The drainage of foundations WITHOUT gravel



An innovative drainage solution that is economical and easy to install. BATIFIBRE replaces a traditional system composed of a bare drain, gravel coating and geotextile.

Installed around foundations, it permits infiltration water to be evacuated.

Thanks to its sleeve, BATIFIBRE is connected to standard PVC female accessories of 100 diameter. The adapter sleeve can be used to change direction, accesses for inspection or cleaning.

BATIFIBRE is a rigid, flat-bottomed drain of Ø 90 with a resistance of over 4 kN/m², coated with a voluminous fibre.

Dedicated to the peripheral drainage of foundations, its fibre technology has been developed for ten years by ATE and permits installation without gravel.

  • Does not require gravel coating or geotextile for the installation
  • This means less earth to be evacuated as it can be filled in with soils from the site (soil is required that is dry enough and free from large stones)

It is considered by users as the most economical, efficient and fastest solution to install available.


Designation Diameter mm Length of bar (ml) Palletisation (ml)
BATIFIBRE SN4 Ø 90 2,50 225

BATIFIBRE SN4, the drain WITHOUT gravel

The drainage of foundations WITHOUT gravel and under technical advice

Batifibre The drainage of foundations WITHOUT gravel
  • The only drain installed without gravel under technical advice (n°17.2/16-317_V3) and QB certified
  • Thanks to its rigidity and flat base, it the slope angle is easy to adjust 3-in-1 product
  • Suitable for peripheral drainage indoors and outdoors and under paving

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