FIBERDRAIN Land DRAINAGE coated with PP fiber without gravel



Agricultural DRAIN wrapped with PP fiber to be layed without gravel

FiberDRAIN was developed for agricultural land drainage. The fiber technology creates a filter that allows only elements that can pass into the pipe and spreads water across the entire surface of drain. The thickness of the fiber is an advantageous replacement to gravel.

The DRAINAGE efficiency with PP Fiber wrapped agricultural drain

FiberDrain technology is the only wrap that can provide 3 functions:

  • Increase the hydraulic conductivity with thick fiber which improves water circulation throughout the drain.
  • Filter fine soil elements and prevent the system from clogging
  • Protect drain from shocks when handling

Which types of soil are suitable for the FiberDrain?

Drain fiberdrain

FiberDrain is a 3-in-1 technique:

A single product replaces gravel, geotextile and the drain. FiberDrain is a technical ready-to-use product, economical and easy to use. It preserves the gravel resources.

ATE has been manufacturing FiberDrain for over ten years, and this technology has proven its durability, efficiency and versatility in most types of ground.


Diameter (mm) Ø50 Ø60 Ø65 Ø80 Ø100
Length (ml) 50/200 50/150 50/150 50/90 50

* Ask for details of other diameters


PP fiber agricultural drain without gravel

Agricultural drain wrapped with polypropylene fiber (PP 450), for light/loamy soils

FIBERDRAIN Land DRAINAGE coated with PP fiber without gravel
  • Filtration of 450 microns
  • 3 in 1 drain as no geotextile or gravel required
  • Over 10 years feedback in France and 40 years in neighbouring countries

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